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National Diploma in Environmental Management

The National certification in Environmental Management may be a helpful qualification for those going to develop and implement effective environmental management systems at intervals their organisations. The qualification focuses on the most parts of Great Britain and world organisation legislation for environmental protection and general principles of the management of environmental and pollution management.

It conjointly appearance at the key elements associated structure of an environmental management system. it’s designed for those whose careers focus powerfully on environmental management at work.

Those who hold the Environmental certification are able to implement methods and systems that facilitate their employers demonstrate environmental excellence and social responsibility, still as avoiding prosecution, proceedings and loss of name.

Holders can have a group of high level skills that bring real worth to the trendy geographical point.

Our qualifications ar developed supported in depth analysis with health and safety professionals, employers, skilled bodies and regulators to confirm that they continue to be relevant, rigorous still as possible and sensible.

You will be assessed on your ability to use your skills and information to a good vary of problems and the way to deliver positive modification to a true geographical point.

Who is it for?


The Environmental certification is meant for aspiring environmental management professionals, building directly upon the muse of information provided by the Certificate in Environmental Management.

Health and Safety practitioners unremarkably have environmental managements as a further responsibility. The National Environmental certification will equip the Health and Safety professional with the information and understanding needed to fulfil this a part of their role.

What you will learn

What does the course cover?

The National certification in Environmental Management covers environmental management principles, multipartite treaties concerning environmental management and ways that to stop and management pollution. The curriculum is meant to supply learners with the relevant experience and to empower them to completely influence environmental management standards and apply at each organisational level.

Key topics lined by this qualification include:

  • Benefits, limitations associated structure of an environmental management system
  • Environmental side identification and management
  • The principles and drivers for environmental property
  • Waste minimisation strategies

The qualification is split into 2 units, every of that is assessed separately:

  • Unit ED1: Controlling environmental aspects
  • Unit NDEM2: Environmental Regulation

Entry requirements and exemptions

There are not any formal entry needs for this qualification, but learners ought to think about that this is often skilled level qualification, admire SCQF Level ten. accomplishment of the Certificate in Environmental Management or direct equivalent before enterprise the Environmental certification course is very suggested.


Unit ED1 may be a ‘common unit’ and conjointly forms a part of the International certification in Environmental Management. Learnersare able to use Unit ED1 as associate exemption against an equivalent unit of the International certification in Environmental Management (September 2016 Specification) as long because the declaration date for Unit ED1 is at intervals five years of the submission date for Unit IDEM2 of the International certification in Environmental Management.